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Here you can find everything you need at the time of practicing this tradition of so deep-rooted tradition. If you are a fly fishing enthusiast as much as a professional, we welcome you to our website.


Let yourself be carried away by our suggestions and products. Enter into a world full of possibilities and necessary details to achieve a successful day of fly fishing. We are a team of professionals within the sector that we intend to provide the help you need both at the beginning and in the development of your hobby. Our best guarantee is the satisfied customers with a quality service and product worthy even for the most demanding fisherman. We have a wide catalog of products of a higher category in rods, lines, flies, reels or waders. All an excellent set for the fly fisherman.


Throughout the centuries it has adapted to the times and people but always keeping its origins for respect and care of the environment. If we want to know the difference between fly fishing and traditional fishing, it would basically consist of the traditional one using the weight of the lure to reach the fish, on the contrary, the fly that uses the weight of the line combined with a series of movements of the rod to "present" the bait to the fish. It is also necessary to take into account the conditions of fishing in salt or fresh water since there are some divergences.


Considered as a sport, the practice offly fly fishing consists in capturing a fish with a lure called 'fly'. This bait is like feeding the fish, so the fisherman must decide what kind of fly he will use and how he will do it so that the fish can take the fishhook. To achieve this action it will be necessary to use a flexible rod specific for such use and above all a lot of patience. In the beginnings the practice of this modality began as a means to fish salmon and trout but today it has spread to other species such as flounder, barbel, dorado or carp. The basis of the philosophy that one wants to extract from this discipline is to enjoy nature and respect it by making responsible use of it. In fact, one of the slopes would be the so-called catch and release (catch and release) very established among the usual fishermen practicing this sport. 


The equipment that must be used is different and appropriate for each discipline. Fishing gear consists of the following components: Fly Fishing Rods: Flexible and lightweight, always chosen by the fisherman. Made of remelted bamboo, graphite, carbon fiber or glass. Of two modalities: of long fly fishing rods to throw to two hands (the best one for the fishing of the salmon to fly) or the fly rod of hand, indicated for the fishing to fly in the sea. Not without mentioning to pay special attention to the handle of these rods that should be resistant painicio-2ra facilitate the work of fishing before specimens of considerable sizes. Lines: Without a doubt the fundamental part of fly fishing. A line of special characteristics of weight and thickness. The most important thing to get good results for fly fishing in the sea is to be able to reach a considerable distance. This is why it is necessary to have special lines, of advanced weight, in which the weight must be found in the first nine meters.  Backings: Usually made of a material called Micron that has the advantage of being extremely thin which allows a greater storage capacity on the reel. Fly fishing Reels: The device that collects the line, even some of them have a brake to facilitate the fight with the fish. If it is light it will be the most suitable choice for fly fishing in the sea. Waders: It is the clothing that allows the fisherman to enter the water. Completely waterproof and made of breathable materials of good quality. Flies: Point also important because it is necessary to say that the choice of the fly depends directly on the species that we want to fish.