Loon Outdoors

Online fly fishing sale. Loon Outdoors UV clear finish fly tying fishing build fly heads. Fly tying products.

Loon Outdoors is a leader in the world of fly fishing and fly tying for manufacturing environmentally friendly products, resins and lubricants.

Ensuring that they are safe for fish, fisheries and anglers, without compromising quality or performance.

By offering reusable and biodegradable weights and indicators we ensure we do not harm wildlife.

Loon Outdoors is a premium fly fishing and fly tying brand that focuses on high quality, environmentally friendly fly fishing products.

.Manufactures products such as resins, lubricants, floats and desiccants for fly fishing and fly tying.

Some of their popular products include Loon Outdoors Easy Dry Desiccant, which dries flies quickly without leaving a residue, and Loon Outdoors Aquel Floater, which is a gel-like substance that helps flies float on the surface of the water.

Loon Outdoors is a leader in the world of fly fishing and fly tying due to its commitment to high quality, environmentally friendly products.

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