Dubbing, Madeira threads, feathers, rabbit, chenille, flashabou, balls, fly hooks, bucktail, squirrel, pheasant, marabou...

Fly Tying Materials for Fly Fishing. Large variety of fly-tying supplies for anglers: Gallo de León fheathers, dubbing, flashabou, rabbit, hackles, saddles, synthetics for anglers who prefer to tie their own flies. Explore our Fly Shop selection of top-quality fly tying online store. Ride your flies only with quality fly tying material: dubbing, Madeira threads, silks, feathers, rabbit, chenille, flashabou, Rayon thread, tungsten balls, Fulling Mill fly hooks, Tiemco & Hends fly hooks, bucktail, squirrel, turkey, pheasant, marabou, loon outdoors materials In our Fly Shop online store you will find different fly tying materials of maximum quality for flies that added to a little imagination is the perfect combination to have a splendid finish in nymphs, dry flies, caddis, drowned streamers, salmon flies. Also if you want you can find them here Stonfo fly tying tools If you can not find any fly tying material you can always call our Fly Shop in Spain (Barcelona), where our manager, an expert fisherman of competition and fisherman guide, will answer all your questions: (+34) 93 207 69 22

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