Feathers Fly Tying Materials. Gallo de León, pheasant, CDC, Culd de Canard, Turkey biot quills, Hends Pheasant Tail,Strung chinese saddle hackle fire, Hareline Marabou X-Select, Condor feathers, Marabou Hends, Gadwall Feathers Hareline, Grizzly Soft Hackle, Keough Hackles, Keough Saddle... Catch more fish by customizing your fly fishing lures with fly tying feathers and fly tying patterns that are an excellent value and have the quality you would expect. Find all your original feathers for tying soft hackle flies come from upland game birds. So many of the feathers that are called for in the classic soft hackle patterns are protected and off limits to the fly tier.

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