This sporting event will bring together the best sailors on the continent

The 2024 America's Sailing Cup will be held in Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and one of the most cosmopolitan and tourist cities in Spain.

This sporting event will bring together the best sailors from the American continent and the world, who will compete in different categories and sailing modalities.

The America's Cup of Sailing is a historic competition that dates back to the 19th century, when the first sailing ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean in search of new trade routes and adventures.

Since then, the Copa América has evolved and adapted to technological advances and the demands of the participants and the public.

Barcelona will host the twenty-second edition of the America's Sailing Cup, which will take place between June 15 and 30, 2024.

The city of Barcelona offers ideal climatic and geographical conditions for sailing, as well as a wide range of cultural, gastronomic and leisure activities for visitors.

The organization of the event hopes that the 2024 America's Sailing Cup will be a sporting and social success, and that it will contribute to promoting the values of sport, sustainability and coexistence between different cultures and nations.

The 2024 America's Cup sailing teams are already training in Barcelona, the city that will host the prestigious sailing tournament.

Participants prepare to face the challenges of competing in the Mediterranean Sea, where weather conditions and maritime traffic can vary greatly.

The America's Cup sailing is the oldest and most prestigious trophy in the sport of sailing, and pits the best sailors in the world against each other in high-tech boats.

The teams that have qualified for the 2024 edition are: United States, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Japan.

Each of them has their own design for their boat, which must comply with strict rules to guarantee equal conditions.

Training in Barcelona will serve to test the performance of the boats and the strategies of the teams before the official competition begins in June 2024.

Training in the waters of Barcelona

The origins of the America's Sailing Cup date back to 1851, when the first edition of this prestigious sailing competition was held in London, on the occasion of the Great Exhibition.

The trophy, a silver jug valued at 100 guineas, was won by the American schooner America, which defeated fourteen ships of the Royal London Yacht Squadron.

Since then, the trophy was renamed the America's Cup and became the symbol of sailing excellence, technological innovation and international competition.

The 2024 America's Sailing Cup will be the 37th edition of this historic regatta and will be held in the city of Barcelona, Spain. It will be the first time it is held in the Mediterranean and also the first time that women's teams participate.

The event will take place between August 22 and October 27, 2024 and will feature the participation of the best teams and sailors in the world, who will compete aboard the spectacular AC75, sailboats measuring 20.7 meters in length and 26.5 meters high that can reach speeds of over 50 knots thanks to its innovative hydrofoil systems.

The 2024 America's Sailing Cup will be a unique opportunity to enjoy a top-level sporting spectacle and also to promote the transformation of Barcelona's Port Olímpic, which will become the epicenter of nautical and social activity during the event.

The 2024 America's Sailing Cup will, without a doubt, be a historic event for the city of Barcelona and for the world of sailing.

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