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Costa Women's Sunglasses

Costa del Mar polarized sunglasses for women

Premieres polarized women's Costa sunglasses for outdoor activities. All styles: polarized, modern, vintage, sports ... A wide catalog of women's glasses with polarized lenses with which you will see how to improve your vision compared to normal glasses. Costa del Mar polarized sunglasses for women.


When we talk about Women Costa sunglasses, we are talking about trends and fashion, but we must always keep in mind that their main function is to protect your eyes. The benefits of the sun are well known, but the light it radiates also involves certain dangers if you don't take the necessary precautions. Conventional solar lenses protect, but only tinted lenses, until now the most used in the world of outdoor sports, do it in the most effective way against the phenomenon of glare caused by the reverberation of light.

If you are still not clear about what tinted lenses are, how they work and what their benefits are, take note because we tell you all about it.

When sunlight bounces off a horizontal surface like water or snowy ground, it causes annoying bright reflections that dazzle and can penetrate the eye.

Costa women polarized sunglasses contain a filter that polarizes this light in the thickness of the glass. This filter is achieved by adding a very thin film to the lens. Polarized lenses provide comfort and safety for outdoor activities such as skiing, climbing, or cycling, regardless of the brightness. Smiley girls with polarized sunglasses in a car These are the advantages of tinted lenses Here are the many advantages of wearing polarized lenses in your sunglasses: The main advantage is to avoid sun reflections. They offer complete protection because they combine visible light and UV filters, of which they prevent 100%. Polarized glasses can be with or without prescription, depending on the needs of each person. It is also possible to vary the degree of darkness on the lenses. They provide a vision with more contrast and clarity.

They are the perfect glasses to drive because they neutralize the reflections. In low light conditions they do not get so dark and allow a greater vision than traditional solar lenses. They are ideal for water sports because they allow you to see farther down to the bottom of the sea. They are also the most recommended for winter sports because of the many reflections that are generated when the sun's rays bounce off snowy surfaces.

The colors that are perceived through the polarized lenses are more natural. They help reduce eyestrain. Girl with Polarized Sunglasses Surfing Polaroid Polarized SunglassesNow that you know everything you need to know about these lenses, will you opt for polarized lenses for your new sunglasses?

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