Dry flies

Dry flies at the best price. Enjoy a great day of fishing in the river with the best selection of dry flies.

For many, dry fly fishing is one of the easiest techniques to adopt, precisely because it involves a visual factor. Although depending on the particular circumstances, not necessarily the most effective.

This is due, once again, to the eating habits of the fish. Although some scholars say that trout feed more than 70% of the time underwater, I think the reality is that trout concentrate on the most frequent food, which often consists of underwater organisms.

But there are still times when the insects are indeed on the surface and other times when the trout are willing to take advantage of surface fishing opportunities, even though it may not reflect the abundance of food at the time. For this reason, the creativity of fly tyers has opted for two main currents in dry fly pattern designs: imitation and attraction.

Imitating insects on the water There is a great diversity of insect species that can be found on the water at some point. Here I am referring mainly to aquatic development insects, such as Mayflies, Caddis, Stoneflies, mosquitoes and others, which when the time comes to hatch, come out of the water with their wings ready for release and after a few moments they fly away – unless a fish attacks them first. Then, when they have mated, they return to the water to lay their eggs, thus giving the fish a second chance.

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