Fly fishing in Catalonia has a long tradition with incredible areas. In our shop you can hire a fishing trip or give a fishing experience as a gift. Choose your destination and we will help you organize it. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or just starting out in the amazing world of fly fishing, our professional guides will be able to guide you to unique fishing areas and have a wonderful experience that you will remember for a long time to come.




 You can give a fishing experience to a fisherman, make a fishing trip yourself or even have us customize medium or long distance fishing trips in Catalonia, the Pyrenees, Asturias, Spain or internationally. To request information you can fill in this form and we will contact you shortly to organise it: For many years, fly fishing has been practiced in Catalonia and very close to the city of Barcelona, just a few hours from our fishing shop, we find incredible options for rainbow and fario trout fishing in mountain rivers or pre-Pyrenees, all accompanied by the art and culture of each place. The native trout is in most cases something exceptional, in these times. If we talk about trout and high mountains, we are possibly in front of the salmonidae and the most difficult and demanding fishing area that a fly fisherman can face. Going with a local fly fishing guide is a sure value that will advise you to choose and wear suitable wading boots, choose an appropriate size of breathable fishing waders and even advise you on which colour of glass of your Costa del Mar polarised glasses is the most optimal for river fishing and that will offer the fisherman, a better vision and knowledge of that stretch of river, but also learn to read the flow and clear up doubts with new and better casting techniques. The River Ter is one of the most extensive and abundant rivers in the internal basin of Catalonia. It begins in Ulldeter, in the Eastern Pyrenees, and crosses the regions of Ripollés, Osona, La Selva, and Gironés, passing through the city of Girona and the Baix Empordà, flowing into the Mediterranean at the Gola del Ter. Between Osona and La Selva is the Sau-Susqueda-Pasteral system of reservoirs, designed to regulate the flow, produce electricity and supply 8m³/s to the Barcelona metropolitan area for consumption. Above the reservoirs, we have an extensive fishing area around Ribes de Freser, Ripoll and Campdevanol combining sections of the Ter and Freser rivers. In this area, intensive fishing is practised all year round, one of the best preserves in Catalonia. The guided fly fishing trips organised by Fly Shop Salmon 2000 offer the fisherman, fishing in the area with the best conditions according to the season and the weather conditions, making the most of the fishing day with the technical advice of the fishing guide and accessing directly to the best sections. The Ter River has a population of native fario trout, of medium size in the higher areas of the river and with some specimens that can reach 45cm. There are some fish that have adapted and been kept in the river from old repopulations and nowadays it is difficult to distinguish them from the native fish. Fishing in this river can be done by dry fly, nymph and tandem, giving options to all preferences of fishermen, but above all offering corners suitable for each of these variants of fly fishing, and that the fishing guide will be willing to indicate for those who want to learn the reading of the river and its conditions. In the stretch where we will practice this wonderful sport, fishing is allowed all year round. It is a low mountain area, where the width of the river and the careful work of the fishermen's association have allowed the trout to adapt and reproduce normally. We find trout that have been in this area for years and their reproduction gives rise to new fish that are not only adapted but also have the characteristics of native fish, with large fins and natural behaviour. This fishing area near Barcelona offers many opportunities for fly fishermen, but the company of our expert fishing guide will help you to overcome the obstacles of the river and learn about the peculiarities of trout under such pressure that they know the flies even by name. The health of the river is evident in the presence of trout of all sizes, from fry to 70cm specimens.

This section, where the trout was introduced several decades ago, is the natural habitat of barbels that are found in large quantities and of good size, giving rise to another type of fishing for those who like fishing with imitation beetles and other foam flies dedicated to this species. However, fishing nymphs can sometimes bite barbels or trout alike, so we can have a surprise by breaking the bass line or fluorocarbon threads.

The Montseny Natural Park is a magical environment less than 1 hour from Barcelona. There are different mountain rivers and streams, with water coming mostly from the thaw, so they offer better fishing between April and June, although the season extends to the end of September. The trout have been in these rivers for years, without being stocked for at least 8 years, thanks to the management of the fishing societies and their management. There is a lot of activity in the Montseny, as it is geographically in the centre of Catalonia and brings together fishermen from different nearby towns, as well as residents of Barcelona and tourism. Therefore, the small villages in the area have a very complete and varied offer of accommodation, restaurants and cultural routes that complete the sports and leisure activities in contact with nature in the Montseny.


FISHING GUIDES. Going with a fishing guide allows the fisherman to know which flies to choose in each situation, to learn to read the river and its fishing options from an expert in those waters, to transform the moments of doubt and the blockages that happen when fishing is not going well, into lessons that not only take the fisherman out of the way but also allow him to improve his level by acquiring new and better techniques as well as recommendations on how to use your fishing rod perfectly and the handling of the catch and release.



The fishing day will be enlivened by an open-air meal, arranged and planned by the fishing guide. It usually includes ham, cheese, sausages, bread, wine and some soft drinks or beer. There are many corners and beautiful landscapes to rest for a while while you get your strength back to continue the fishing day.



For those who wish to spend more than one day fishing in the area or for other tourist activities, Salmon 2000 can reserve accommodation as an extra service to the fishing trip. We have several options of hotels and rural houses depending on the area where you prefer to spend the night, either to be close to the fishing area or to continue a tour. Do not hesitate to consult us about the different options.



-The fishing day can be any day of the week, depending on obtaining the daily fishing permit within the quota limited to each section.

-The choice of fishing area, either in the Controlled Fishing Zone (ZPC) or in the Intensive Fishing section, will depend on the river conditions and the climate, and will be agreed between the guide and the fisherman.

-The fishing day will be for a full day or half a day, depending on your preferences and previous contracts.

-A meeting point will be set up in an easy location, close to the fishing area. If the fisherman does not have a vehicle, the guide can pick him up at home for an additional charge, calculated according to the mileage.

-Fisherman and Guide are covered by an accident and civil responsibility insurance, with wide coverage.



- A day with a fishing guide.

- Fishing licence and daily permit.

- Box with 6 recommended flies.

- Accident and civil responsibility insurance.

- Transfer from a meeting point close to the fishing area on the river.

- Picnic lunch with typical products of the area, extras at the angler's expense.


- Fly fishing and mounting material such as fishing line, flies, nylon, etc.

- Fishing equipment such as waders, fishing boots, fishing waistcoat, fishing rods, etc.

- Tips

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