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Costa sunglasses online store UK - Europe, fly fishing sunglasses dealer. The assortment of men's and women's Costa sunglasses such as the Blackfin, Tuna Alley, Permit, Jose, Permit, Fantail...   Costa authorized sunglasses dealer products, clothing and Accessories. Costa Del Mar Delivers the Highest Quality 100% UV. Shop for new sunglasses from Costa Del Mar. Find fly fishing sunglasses, men's clothing, ladies clothing, beach sunglasses, fishing sunglasses, c-mates sunglasses and more all at great prices.

Ample selection of Costa polarized sunglasses for fly fishing. Shop Men's and Polarized Sunglasses. Dealer Shop, the assortment of men's and women's Costa sunglasses such as the Blackfin, Tuna Alley, Permit, Jose, Permit, Fantail...

Costa's wrap-around sunglasses and polarized lenses are tools designed to intensify your aquatic adventures and help you find more fish or move around in aquatic environments. As you know, these sportfishing goggles excel at the toughest of times.

Choose your blue lens sunglasses to navigate a boat 

Costa style is unique in the world of sports sunglasses, and they're packed with performance-oriented features that combine Costa's 580 polarized lens technology to help you make the most of your days on the water.

Light conditions are constantly changing. Offshore, mirror blue is best. In freshwater and on shore, green and copper mirrors are excellent choices. In low light at sunrise and sunset, sunrise is perfect. Grey lenses are best for everyday activities.

Of course, the best way to decide is to consider the environment Costa's 580 lenses were designed by our own light spectrum experts to enhance colors, since other standard sunglass lenses are not up to the task.

To control light, the lens' multi-patent technology absorbs harmful high-energy blue light, reducing turbidity for greater clarity. In addition to providing complete UV protection, Costa 580 technology absorbs HEV light that can cause eye conditions.

Costa Del Mar's Innovative Polarized Lens Technology

Polarized lenses have revolutionized the eyewear industry, giving outdoor enthusiasts greater visual clarity and less glare. Among the many companies that have embraced this technology, Costa Del Mar stands out for its innovative polarized lens technology.

In this essay, we'll explore the science behind polarized lenses, the unique features of Costa Del Mar's polarized lenses, and the company's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices in lens production.

Polarized lenses are designed to reduce glare and improve visual clarity in bright outdoor environments. They work by selectively filtering horizontal light waves, which are responsible for glare, while allowing vertical light waves through.

This results in a clearer, more comfortable view, especially in situations where there is a lot of reflected sunlight, such as on water or snow. Compared to traditional lenses, polarized lenses offer several benefits. They reduce eyestrain and fatigue, improve color contrast and provide better depth perception. This makes them ideal for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, and skiing, where visual clarity is essential for safety and performance.

Costa Del Mar has been a leader in polarized lens technology since the company's inception in 1983. Their polarized lenses are manufactured using a proprietary process that involves bonding together multiple layers of material. This creates a lens that is not only polarized, but also scratch, impact, and water resistant. Costa Del Mar's polarized lenses also feature several unique technologies that enhance their performance.

For example, its 580 lens technology blocks yellow light, which is known to cause eye fatigue and strain, while enhancing red, green, and blue light for better color contrast. They also offer a variety of lens colors and tints to accommodate different lighting conditions and activities.

Customer reviews and feedback on Costa Del Mar polarized lenses have been overwhelmingly positive. Many users report improved visual clarity and comfort, especially in brightly lit outdoor environments. Some also point to the lenses' durability and scratch resistance, which can withstand the rigors of outdoor activities.

Costa Del Mar is committed to ecological and sustainable practices in the production of lenses. They use recycled materials and reduce waste in their manufacturing processes, and have implemented a closed-loop water system that recycles water used in lens production.

They also partner with organizations like OCEARCH to promote ocean conservation and protect marine life.

In addition to its environmental initiatives, Costa Del Mar also maintains ethical and fair labor practices at its manufacturing facilities. They have implemented a code of conduct that guarantees safe working conditions, fair wages and no child labor. They also require their suppliers to adhere to these standards.

Costa Del Mar's innovative polarized lens technology has set the standard for performance and sustainability in the eyewear industry.

Their commitment to environmentally friendly and ethical practices, combined with their cutting-edge lens technology, has earned them a loyal following among outdoor enthusiasts.

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