The most popular types of sunglasses on the market today

Polarized glass and polycarbonate glasses are two of the most popular types of sunglasses on the market today. While both offer protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, there are some key differences between them that should be considered when making a purchase.

Glass lenses tend to be heavier and more expensive than polycarbonate lenses, but offer better clarity and scratch resistance.

Polycarbonate lenses, on the other hand, are lighter and less expensive than glass lenses, but they may not provide as much clarity or scratch resistance. Both types of polarized glasses can help reduce glare from reflected light sources, making them ideal for outdoor activities like fishing or boating.

Polarized sunglasses are a must for anyone who spends time on the water. They provide superior protection from the sun's harsh rays and reduce glare, making it easier to see in bright light. With their sleek designs and advanced technology, polarized boating glasses are the perfect accessory for any sailor or water enthusiast.

Not only do they look great, but they also offer superior protection against UV radiation and reduce eyestrain caused by glare. Whether you're out on the open ocean or just enjoying a day at the beach, polarized boating sunglasses are an essential for any outdoor enthusiast.

Polarized boating glasses are designed to give you the clearest vision possible, no matter where you are. Our glasses are designed to reduce glare and enhance color, so you can enjoy the beauty of the world around you.

Crystal clear vision

Polarized lenses are made with advanced technology that blocks 99% of reflected glare, providing clear vision at sea or river by improving color saturation and contrast, so you can see more detail than ever before.

light and durable

For example, the Costa glasses, one of the benchmarks in the market, are incredible lightweight and durable fishing glasses, so they will not weigh it down or be easily damaged. Plus, they come with a scratch-resistant coating that helps keep them looking new for longer.

UV protection

They provide 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays, so you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about eye damage.

Fly Shop Salmon 2000 offers the best sports glasses for athletes and outdoor lovers. Our glasses are designed to provide maximum clarity and protection so you can enjoy your favorite activities with peace of mind.

Unmatched clarity and protection

Our glasses are made with high quality lenses that offer excellent clarity and protection from UV rays, wind, dust and other elements. The lightweight frames also ensure a comfortable fit for any activity.

High performance design

Our glasses are tailored to the needs of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. They feature an ergonomic design that's both stylish and functional, so you can look your best and look great doing it.

Stay safe in any environment

Polarized sports glasses are designed to keep you safe in any environment. The lenses provide maximum protection from UV rays, wind, dust and other elements so you can safely enjoy your favorite activities.

ly Shop Salmon 2000 offers the highest quality polarized glass lenses to help you see the world in a new light. Our lenses are designed to reduce glare and improve clarity so you can enjoy your outdoor activities with greater comfort and confidence. The best polarization technology

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