Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee
Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee
Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee
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Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee
Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee
Ahumador pescado carne Snowbee

Smoker Cooker Snowbee

Fish and meat smoker Snowbee Smoker Cooker. A practical tool for stainless steel to facilitate cleaning and a long service life. The Snowbee Smoker Cooker has a capacity of 4 or 5 small trout or 2 large fish, with head and tail included. Complete smoker kit with stand, 2 fuel trays with heat setting, baking tray, cover with adjustable smoke outlet, drip tray and grill. The Snowbee smoker is located inside its own support, for storage or transport directly on the riverbank. Also excellent for fishermen and nature lovers as a complement to outdoor activities, picnic, barbecues, camping, fishing, hunting. It is fast and efficient to smoke hot fish, meat, poultry, cheese, etc. It is cooked and smoked in a single process, so the fish is ready in just 15 minutes.

Size of the Snowbee smoker pot: 41x25x10cm - 16½ "x 10½" x 4½ "

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The Snowbee Smoker Cooker is a "hot" smoker that smokes and cooks at the same time. This process is completely different from the one used in Salmon, which is a "cold" smoking technique, which smokes but does not cook fish. Therefore, it is important to ensure sufficient time in the smoker to cook the fish or meat well. The burners, we suggest you fill them approximately in half, around 20 to 25 minutes of combustion time; Enough for most smokers. This can obviously be reduced, for small fish or fillets. In practice, we have found that this is enough for 3 or 4 small fish, but they are left whole, with the head and tail on. For larger fish, in the size of 2 to 3 pounds, it is usually necessary to cut the head or tail, simply to place them. You can also divide them along the spine and open them, like a fillet, to allow the smoke and heat to penetrate. As with any method of cooking, to some extent it is a matter of personal taste, so it is necessary a degree of "trial and error" to determine what suits you. Some people like a strong smoke flavor, while others prefer to smoke lighter. This can be regulated by the amount of fuel you put in the smoker, but usually a good layer is enough to cover the bottom of the tray and cooks well in most of your applications.

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