Salmon Fly Rods & Double Hand fly fishing

The Best Double Hand Salmon fly fishing rods

Double hand Salmon Fly Fishing Rod. New comers to salmon fishing, and particularly those who have trout fished, will often ask why it is necessary to use a double-handed rod. The answer to this is firstly that in certain instances it’s not! Small rivers, lochs and big rivers in very low water are often better approached with a single-handed rod - say a 10’ 7wt. This will allow a more gentle presentation of the fly at close quarters in shallow water. There's a lot of choice when it comes to double handed fly fishing rods. Huge range of double handed fly rods suitable for salmon anglers. Double hand Fly Fishing Rod are powerful fly rods best suited to salmon anglers on medium to large. Fly Fishing Rods. Our range offers everything from double-handed rods for salmon fishing to single–handed rods for trout and saltwater fishing. We frequently have new fishing tackle, double hands rods, so check out our latest and buy online store! However, double-handers come into their own when you need to lift longer lengths of line, control and mend the line as it crosses the stream and fish with large heavy flies. Most DH rod ranges include models from 13’ through to 15’, longer Double hand Fly Fishing Rod are available.

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