Orvis. In this section you can buy Orvis fly fishing rods, a wide selection of high quality fly rods that guarantee more than 150 years of experience in the construction of Orvis fly fishing rods,

So it is not surprising that fly fishermen look for in Orvis the highest quality fly rods in the world. Orvis offers a line of fly rods of the best in the market, the culmination of cutting-edge technology, precision and experience. Explore the Orvis rod collection now and find exactly what you are looking for to equip your next fly fishing trip. Orvis has a fishing rod for each type or fishing area: saltwater fishing, freshwater fishing, pressure fishing, fishing in small streams and even fishing in hot waters.

With over 150 years of experience in rod construction, it is no wonder that anglers look to Orvis for the highest quality fly rods and fly reels, in waders for kids in the industry. Possibly the best fly rods on the market, the culmination of state-of-the-art technology, precision and experience, are the British brand Orvis rods. Explore our collection and find exactly what you are looking for to equip your next fly fishing adventure. Discover a fly rod for every trip: salt water, fresh water, Spey casting, small streams and warm water adventures.

What does the weight of a fly fishing rod mean?

The weight of a fly rod is the size of the fly line the rod is designed to carry. Heavier lines can be cast farther; they can cut through the wind on open saltwater flats and large rivers; and they can help hit larger, heavier flies in the air. Heavier lines put more force into the rod, and therefore require a stronger rod. Lighter lines allow for delicate presentations of smaller flies, so lightweight fly rods are built with precise presentation in mind. Choose the weight of the rod and the weight of the fly line according to the type of water you will mainly be fishing in. You can get between 1 and 2 weights of the ideal rod and line weight for a piece of water. So if you are fishing a big river for big trout and you must use a 6 WT rod and line, for example, you could get away with a 5 or 7 WT.

What is the best weight for an all-purpose fly rod?

The best all-round rod weight for fresh water is a 4, 5 or 6 WT in 8' 6" or 9' length, and for salt water an 8 or 9 WT in 9' length. With these options you can achieve a huge variety of fishing.

How do I choose a fishing rod?

Start by determining the weight of the fishing rod you need, based on the target species. If you are interested in medium or large trout, look for a 4, 5 or 6. For bass, look for a 6 or 7. Rainbow trout and salmon will require a 7, 8 or 9.

Then think about length. Rods in the 8'6" and 9' range are the most versatile and most common. But small stream fishermen like easy to maneuver rods in the 6' to 7' range.

Finally, consider other aspects of your fishing to determine which rod is best for you. Orvis designs and produces fly rods that meet the specific needs of expert anglers, as well as affordable, incredibly well-made fly rods that welcome newcomers to the sport.

Which Orvis fly rod should I use?

- Helios 3

If you are an experienced fisherman who demands precision and accuracy, explore our Helios 3 line. We designed the H3 to reduce the variables and harness the energy behind each cast, translating it into impressive accuracy. No window is too small for this precise rod, thanks to increased rim strength that reduces vibration for a truly accurate cast. Put the flies right where you want them, each time with the enhanced power and precision of our Helios 3 rods. Cast the Helios D3 if you're looking for an easy, reliable distance; it combines unmatched power with incredible precision. For tough waters, creepy fish and tiny dries, rely on the delicacy-focused Helios F3, which will consistently present a fly at 60 feet with delicate presentation and amazing sensitivity. The Helios 3 offers power, precision and feel, whether you're fishing in a stream or downstream.

- Clearwater

Or choose from the models in our best-selling Clearwater series; you'll find the ideal weight and flex for any application. Our inexpensive Clearwater Switch & Spey rods put the world of casting in two hands at your fingertips.

- Recon

Our Recon series of fishing rods is designed with the adventurous fisherman in mind. The four-piece construction allows for easy storage, and the comfortable straps secure the rod to a backpack when walking in the depths of unfamiliar parts. This rod is incredibly light, but is ready to take on the toughest fish in the greatest adventures.

- Superfine

Our Superfine fly rods have the power and precision to accurately present the flies with a delicate touch to keep the fish from being scared off. You will long for the fresh, clean cast and slow action that the Superfine fiberglass rod offers. Superfine glass has modern technology that blends with a decidedly classic look for a fly rod you'll want to show off.

- Encounter

Our affordable Encounter fishing rod kits are assembled with high quality components perfect for new fish.

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