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Gallo de León



Here you will find the best range of Gallo de León feathers from the north of Spain, known in the world of fly fishing for its great quality of brightness, smoothness and resistance, that make these feathers of rooster in the material The most sought after fly-fishing fly mount, always conditioned in a natural environment and in unique breeding conditions in exclusive regions of the north and Spain. The exclusivity and value of this type of feathers also lies in being a species with few endangered specimens that are raised for commercialization and increase of the maid in the whole valley, counting 200 couples. From its reins a unique plumage is obtained in the world in a unique location for the breeding of this Asturian rooster. The feathers of Gallo de León are usually very internationally quoted.  The Gallo de León is included in the Spanish Book of Races with its two denominations of pure breed: the Indian Rooster and the Brown Rooster. The Indian Rooster has a fan of colors more muted: it goes from white to black, covering the whole scale of gray tones, always uniform. It is a very native breed that is only found in La Cándana. The Leon Pardo Rooster feather can have a white base or a golden base and spots on the feathers with a wide range of colors and shades: Feathers Premium quality Lion Rooster, feathers Lion's Cock Indian Lion's Feather Lion's Rooster Pardo Sarrioso, feathers Lion rooster Pardo Corzuno, feathers Lion rooster Pardo Flower of Broom, feathers Rooster of Leon Pardo Rubio, feathers Rooster of Leon Indian Negrisco, feathers Rooster of Lion Indian Ripe, feathers Rooster of Lion Indian Enriched, feathers Rooster of Indian lion countersunk, feathers Lion Pardo Langareto. We ship worldwide, Glaswow, Montana, Berlin, Roma, Alps, to our Fly Shop Salmon 2000.