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Carles Verdaguer

Trilogy 3 DVD - Descubre la gran aventura de pesca jamás filmada

Every year in the waters of the Icelandic rivers more than 35,000 salmon are caught with cane, this makes it difficult to have access to any of them and that all the fishermen of the world are eager to enjoy such a successful statistic.

Spectacular documentary trilogy! It is these 3 fly-fishing videos of the Atlantic salmon you will discover the largest fishing adventure of the Atlantic salmon ever filmed. - Travel with Salmón 2000 to the best fishing destinations of the Atlantic Salmon.

This trilogy includes 3 DVDs:

1- Iceland: North of the Silence Witness one of the places chosen by the Atlantic salmon to challenge the splendid and wild nature of Iceland.

2- Iceland: Atlantic Salmon Discover a land of fire and water, rivers and volcanoes, seas and cliffs and you can experience the challenge of the Atlantic salmon to such a splendid nature.

3- Canada: Atlantic Salmon Discover one of the best rivers in the world where every year more than 40,000 salmon go up.
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Carles Verdaguer invites you to participate in this magnificent fishing adventure in Iceland, that you enter the rivers of this wonderful land. Iceland is, one more season one of our main destinations where you can choose your favorite uncle among the best dates for your trip, the species to fish; salmon, large inmates, arctic char, large brown trout and very important, the fishing technique that best suits your characteristics.
Contact phone Tel : (+34) 93 207 69 22 our fly fishing specialists will advise you. - Worldshipping - Prices and offers are only valid for online orders.
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