Zpey Dreamcatcher 927
Zpey Dreamcatcher
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Zpey Dreamcatcher 927
Zpey Dreamcatcher

Zpey Dreamcatcher 9'2" 7

Zpey Dreamcatcher SH Trout 927 - 9'2" 7  4sec. These six DreamCatchers have different personalities, but they are all created from the same idea of a basic firmness limiting the stroke lengths of otherwise deep actioned rods. We have never liked the traditional Cigar grips and this time we decided to do something about it. The Full Wells is a better grip because it allows you to use your thumb and/or index finger more efficiently and Zpey had the guts to ditch traditional aesthetics for modern functionality.

These grips were made from a new and secret mix of cork dust, resin and polyurethane that is a feast for the eye, extremely durable and better than normal cork to hold. Six beautifully light DreamCatchers are waiting for you to test them in a shop near you. After one year on the market, the feedback we've received from proud new owners of DreamCatcher rods is unequivocally euphoric. We sincerely want you to tap into this spring of pure positivity. Buy a DreamCatcher, become a happy fly fisher and stay happy.

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We are meticulous, particular, irritatingly patient and not at all easy to please when it comes to designing fly rods. We needed 5-6 different prototypes of each and every rod before we accepted that this was how close to the perfect impossibility we would come. We dressed them in a beautiful mix of aesthetic tradition and funky modernism where we let the blue gray rods and rod cases symbolize tradition, the orange cloth bags symbolize the modernistic contrast and the original orange wrappings, now softened to a warm orange brown hue because of the varnish, symbolize the politically correct neutrality.

Contact phone Tel : (+34) 93 207 69 22 our fly fishing specialists will advise you. - Worldshipping - Prices and offers are only valid for online orders.
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