Fly Fishing book "Artificiales en la...

Fly Fishing book "Artificiales en la Pesca a Mosca"

This book is in Spanish.
Basic patterns for 14 essential flies. Getting Started Guide.

1º The photos are shown step by step for clarity of explanation.
2nd Contains effective tricks for the best way to tie each artificial.
3º Citation imitation is supplemented with advice on its use in fishing action.
4 In many cases, it gives alternatives to assembly to imitation.
5º It is a true idea original in its conception and in the way of approaching the artificial assembly.
6º It is an essential guide for all fishermen who are starting or who already have some experience in the artificial fishery for fly fishing.

Title: Artificial in Fly Fishing
Subtitle: Basic assembly patterns for 14 essential flies. Getting Started Guide.
Author: Luis Villas Tomé
Foreword: Guy Roqués
Photographs: Yes, black and white

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Artificial in Fly Fishing - Fly fishermen, from the beginning of their hobby, show a deep interest in what they fish with what they catch. The necessary knowledge of what fish feed, leads the amateur to the precise study of the entomology and to the improvement of the quality of its assemblies, in order to obtain more and better catches. Artificial in Fly Fishing is the essence of the assembly of lures for the fishing of the trout. It shows in a direct and very simple way the step by step that must be followed to reproduce on a hook the fundamental patterns of the different insects that feed the trout in their different stages of maturity: nymph, emergent, adult insect or spent. These are fourteen patterns of mounts, as effective as simple to perform, with which fishermen can fish in all types of waters and throughout the year. The photos that illustrate each of the assemblies are intentionally black and white, as it is the Montage of Patterns that the author does not want to influence the color or specific materials, so that the reader-editor follows the instructions of the Construction of the lure leaving to its complete freedom the application of the tones, adjusting them to the zone or the time of the year. Even so, the color of the materials with which the proposed example is set is also indicated.

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