Fishing rods How to choose the perfect rod?

Undoubtedly the star item used in sport fishing is the fishing rod, around it all other items and fishing materials will move and adjust, but without the rod nothing would be the same. That is why we want to offer you all the necessary information to go fishing and succeed in the attempt. Today we are going to dedicate ourselves to how to choose the best fishing rod, one of the fundamental parts to go fishing.

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You can use this guide to find and choose the best fishing rod that suits your needs, depending on the type of water (fresh or salt), the style of fishing you are going to do, the fundamental parts that a rod comprises and all the characteristics that they will make a rod mid, low or high end. There are innumerable styles of fishing and each rod must have certain characteristics and features to adapt to the type of fishing in question, from rods for surfcasting, spinning rods, for curry fishing or jigging, through fly fishing rods or bare pulse rods for coup fishing, each and every one of them has small and big details that make them different from each other so that in the end, we can have a full and successful day of fishing so let's go there!

Fishing rod manufacturing materials. How are they made?

The final quality of a fishing rod depends on the quality of each of the components that make it up separately, and together they will make a great or mediocre fishing rod. There are three fundamental factors to be able to say that we are facing a good rod:

The type of material of each component: the material used in each component has a great influence, such as rings, blank, rod, etc.

The ergonomics of the rod: here influences the comfort, balance, handling and weight of our rod

The type of fishing reel: choosing a reel that suits the rod is essential, rod and reel must form a perfect pair

For the most nostalgic, they will still remember those rustic bamboo rods that gave us, as far as possible, good fishing days, because bamboo has been the main manufacturing material for our rods for a long time, due to its resistance and flexibility. , bamboo more than fulfilled the demanding fishing afternoons, but bamboo, being a natural material, entailed a greater cost both economically in its production and greater damage to the environment.

New technologies also reached the sport of fishing and the materials for its construction and design also improved, fiberglass was the first to come into action and later carbon fiber was added as the construction material for fishing rods. . The use of these materials meant that the final result was stronger and more resistant rods, in addition to the possibility of industrializing and mechanizing the process of their construction, lowering costs throughout the process. This type of rods made of synthetic material are capable of supporting greater weights and give them more or less flexibility according to tastes and interests, in addition the total weight of the rods is reduced, especially in carbon fiber rods, highly recommended above all when we talk about reeds of a considerable length since its weight is very reduced, therefore its handling and treatment is much more accessible.

River fishing rods

This type of rods for fishing in river waters are undoubtedly special, they are different rods from the ones we are used to seeing if we look at any jetty or beach on the sea coast. The rods for trout or black bass fishing in rivers, swamps or reservoirs are usually those called for fly fishing or even for carp fishing. The materials used in river rods are usually anatomical cork handles since they do not have to fight with the salt that causes corrosion in the pieces. They are shorter and more flexible rods for better handling and play with the fly line, used in flyfishing. Of course there are different ranges, with carbon fiber being the most recommended.

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