Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
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Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline
Fario NT8 Guideline

Fario NT8 9'

Fario NT8 Guideline fly rod. The latest wonder of the rivers is called Fario NT8 and it is carefully developed with ultra reinforced silica nano-resin technology that considerably reduces the weight of the rod and increases the resistance of its carbon fibers making this rod a simply brutal weapon for the demanding fly fisherman. The best possible fishing and casting experience with a smooth action thanks to the Silica Nano Matrix gives you sensitivity, line control and strength in any battle where they are. The Fario NT8's blank is built with IM8-T46 high strength carbon, designed to achieve a rod action that was impossible until now. These rods offer features for the most varied trout fishing situations. The rods are very precise and light in the hand. A deep action ¾ with a very fast retrieve speed connects you with all the blank from the shortest to the longest line.

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  • 9' #4
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Models Length          Class         Weight             Parts                       Rec. Head Weight
Fario NT8 904 9' #4 78 g 4 9-11g / 140-170 grains
Fario NT8 905 9' #5 82 g 4 11-13g / 170-200 grains
Fario NT8 906 #6 87 g 4 13-15g / 200-230 grains
Fario NT8 996 w. butt                9´9" #6 102 g 4 13-15g / 200-230 grains





A specific rod action and speed will influence the whole presentation of a fly cast. It has a great influence on your leader's turn. Rods that are too fast and rigid have a tendency not to be able to give that perfect presentation, especially when using a long leader. The Fario NT8 has a finesse and presentation par excellence.

The specific action and speed of the Fario NT8 has a decisive influence on the trajectory of the bass and therefore on the presentation of the fly. Rods that are too fast and too rigid tend not to be able to deliver that perfect presentation, especially when used long. The spectacular Fario NT8 rod achieves excellent finesse and precision for sophisticated trout fishermen, who know that there is no margin for error when fishing for sight trout.

The Fario NT8 suits a wide range of casting styles and skills, are easy to cast and deadly accurate, rigid rods. The #4 and #5wt models are fantastic rods for delicate dry fly and nymph fishing and protect the thinnest tippets while playing trophy fish. The two 6wt models have a more powerful action to suit larger fish in areas more exposed to the wind from the boat or shore.


- Full Wells, slim, ergonomically designed handle made of Portuguese Super Grade cork

- Carbon grey blanks with a semi-matt satin finish.

- Single-legged rings with lightweight titanium coating.

- Stripper Guide Fuji KW.

- Aluminium reel holder, with a spacer that simulates graphite material.

- 9'9" #6 rods feature a small fighting stub.

- NanoTube technology.


The traditional Carbon NanoTube has a tube-oriented structure, where the individual molecules have high physical properties. But when applied to pre-preg composite fibers used to make sports and leisure products, they show irregularities. Some are strong and others are fragile.

Most also have an unfavorable length-to-width ratio (15:1), making it difficult to effectively fill the gaps in the resin and between the carbon fibers. The new Nano Matrix contains spherical nanoparticles that penetrate evenly between the carbon fibers, increasing the cohesion of the carbon fiber for remarkable strength.

Making a strong yet extremely lightweight blank is the ultimate goal of rod development. But in a standard manufacturing process, a rod risks breaking too easily if it is light and thin-walled. It also often becomes too heavy if it is built to be strong enough.

The properties and performance of these NT8 rods are difficult for the competition to imitate, as the best available materials are used along with the best manufacturing and reinforcement technologies to achieve an ideal structure in the blanck spaces. Almost half of the resin content of Fario NT8 rods is made up of Nano-beads, which is an excellent safety feature for a state-of-the-art product.

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