Caña Fario Classic
Caña Fario Classic Guideline
Caña Fario
Fario Classic Guideline
Caña Fario Classic
Caña Fario Classic Guideline
Caña Fario
Fario Classic Guideline

Fario Classic Guideline rod

Rod Fario Classic Guideline. An extremely precise and easy to use rod, perfect for all kinds of skills. This excellent fly rod will surprise you with its combination of casting, lifting properties, delicate presentations and great sensitivity when fighting fish in fine tippets. It has the ability to lift a long stretch of line very easily, which is very useful for re-positioning the fly. The deep, but very precise action will be of interest to intermediate and expert fly fishermen. Great ease in long casts, Spey casts, delicate presentations. The Guideline Fario is the choice of competitive anglers in half of Europe. Superior control and perfect action with fine nymphs and bass. Perfect for tungsten nymphs. The Fario expresses elegance and classic style with good taste, colour and subtle finish, with attention to small details.
  • 8' #4
  • 8'6 #3
  • 8'6 #5
  • 9' #4
  • 9' #5
  • 9' #6
  • 10' #3
  • 10' #4
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ModelRod LengthAftmPcsWeightRec. Head Weight
Fario Classic 8638'6"#3471g7-9g / 110-140 grains
Fario Classic 8048'0"#4473g9-11g / 140-170 grains
Fario Classic 8658'6"#5475g11-13g / 170-200 grains
Fario Classic 9049'0"#4482g9-11g / 140-170 grains
Fario Classic 9059'0"#5484g11-13g / 170-200 grains
Fario Classic 9069'0"#6490g13-15g / 200-230 grains
Fario Classic 100310'0"#3481g7-9g / 110-140 grains
Fario Classic 100410'0"#4482g9-11g / 140-170 grains


A fast and precise average action that helped us with a fine tippets.

Enough power for long casts, yet sensitive and subtle for close fishing.

Short to medium distance fishing is aided by the deeper and more immediate reaction of the entire rod during the cast.

These rods provide high line speed, with a stronger upper section that reduces problems with falling loops.

The action absorbs those first hard to control movements and sudden explosions of the big fish stuck at medium and short distance.

The deep load on the heel section compensates for easy Spey and roll casts even with lighter line weights.

A striking translucent dark green color with silver accents will enhance the truly classic look of these rods.

The reel seat is a self-designed greenish-grey wood with chrome finish.

Guideline's Fario Classic rod is made from the latest high quality multi-module materials and is equipped with very lightweight serpentine rings.

Each rod is delivered in a cotton bag and comes in a beautiful dark green tube.

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