Caña Guideline Stoked
Caña Stoked
Caña Guideline Stoked
Caña Stoked


Guideline Stoked rod, with a development and manufacturing with ecological components this fly fishing rod is the latest in materials and technology, a good incentive for the environmentally cautious fisherman. This fly rod features a slightly lower 24T / 30T / 36T carbon module compared to 36T / 40T, which makes them easier to launch for the beginner fly fisherman and more forgiving with launch errors. However, these are light and receptive rods with an action and feeling normally associated with a much higher level of performance and price. The action of the cane is moderately fast with a sensitive and stable tip. The curve is progressive down, which gives a great feeling and easily connects to the ROD

  • 9' #5
  • 9' #6
  • 9' #7
  • 9' #8
  • 9' #9
  • 9´6" #6
  • 9´6" #7
  • 9´6" #8
  • 10´ #6
  • 10´ #7




Model Guideline Stoked rod              Lenght       Class     Weight    Parts      Handle                         

   Rec. head weight

Fly rod Stoked 864 8´6" #4 78g 4 pc Full wells 9-11g / 140-170 grains
Fly rod Stoked 905 #5 94g 4 pc Full wells 11-13g / 170-200 grains
Fly rod Stoked 906 #6 96g 4 pc Full wells 13-15g / 200-230 grains
Fly rod Stoked 907 #7 98g 4 pc Full wells & butt 17-19g / 260-290 grains
Fly rod Stoked 908 #8 99g 4 pc Full wells & butt 19-21g / 290-325 grains
Fly rod Stoked 909 #9 101g 4 pc Full wells & butt 21-23g / 325-355 grains
Fly rod Stoked 966 9´6" #6 106g 4 pc Full wells & butt 13-15g / 200-230 grains
Fly rod Stoked 967 9´6" #7 108g 4 pc Full wells & butt 17-19g / 260-290 grains
Fly rod Stoked 968 9´6" #8 110g 4 pc Full wells & butt 19-21g / 290-325 grains
Fly rod Stoked 1006 10´ #6 109g 4 pc Full wells & butt 13-15g / 200-230 grains
Fly rod Stoked 1007 10´ #7 111g 4 pc Full wells & butt 17-19g / 260-290 grains






Stoked fly rod 8'6 # 4, 9 '# 5 and 9' # 6: The 4 and 5 wt are typical dry trout rods and nymphs. The 6wt is the option for larger flies, larger fish and windier conditions, an excellent option for lighter coastal fishing as well.

Stoked fly rod 9 '# 7-8-9: Typical rods for heavier fishing after migratory trout, pike, salmon, sea trout and bonefish. These rods are adapted to fishing in rivers, lakes, coasts and plains, where large fish and degrading conditions are common.

Fly rod Stoked 9'6 # 6-7-8: this length of cane is a great commitment and is one of the favorites among many for the use of lakes, coasts and rivers after trout, sea trout and salmon . The slightly longer rod in front of a 9 foot provides better reach in the river and height when wading or fishing from a boat or float tube. Due to a slightly deeper curve in action in front of 9 feet, this length is easier to use for Spey's launch and the use of shooting heads when fishing in the river. However, it is not as long as a 10-foot rod and will be less affected by the wind when fishing on the coast and has more power for these fishing spots exposed to the weather.

Stoked fly rod 10 '# 6-7: These rods are the favorite length for classic fishing on the lake from the boat and the shore, they are also an excellent option for river fishing after trout, sea trout And the salmon.



Blanck spaces are painted in a translucent olive green with a touch of metallic scales.

New improved grips without rubber cork reinforcements. This reduces the levels of epoxy resins needed in the grips. All models, except 8'6 # 4 and 9 '# 5, have a combat heel.

The metal parts of the spool holders are "transparently anodized," which is the least toxic process possible when using aluminum spool holders. We do not use chrome (lead) or paint in the anodizing bath.

For coatings, guides and mounting glue for the grips and reel seat, it uses low toxicity epoxy based on bio, tested and approved with extremely low levels of regulated chemicals. This also adds to a better working atmosphere in the production assembly phase, minimizing health-hazardous odors.

The rods are mounted with light hard chrome guides.

The cane bag and the rod tube cover are made of recycled REPREVE ™ polyester.

Rod tubes are made of recyclable polypropylene (PP), are lighter and have 20% less diameter than standard PVC pipes. This will save space and money when the bars are transported both from the factory and by the user. Given its durability and the possibility of melting and reforming into plastic granules, the PP is reusable and recyclable to produce new products.

All the rods are 4 pieces.

REPREVE ™ is the leading, most reliable and branded performance fiber, made from recycled materials (including plastic bottles). Buy products made with REPREVE ™ to make a difference.

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