Medidas Globos Authentic Models
Authentic Models Ivory Gold balloon
Medidas Globos Authentic Models

Authentic Models Ivory Gold balloon

Authentic Models Ivory Gold balloon - The balloons combine color, decoration and science, all in one. They are as fascinating today as they were a century ago. Imagine seeing the earth from above, free as a bird, holding a basket of balloons. The price varies according to the size of the balloon to choose.


S Small AP160 - ø13cm x 8,50cm - ø5,30 x 3,30"

M Medium AP161 - ø30cm x 18cm - ø11,80 x 7,10"

L Large AP163 - ø56cm x 32cm - ø22 x 12,60"

XL Extra Large AP168 - ø70cm x 42cm - ø27,60 x 16,50"


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Authentic models balloon. The iconic and inspirational helium filled balloons were one of aviation's first successes. Since 1783, balloons have traveled the skies. Our largest model to date comes complete with a rattan basket hanging from a hand-knotted mesh and wooden levers. The large balloon carries sandbags ready for launch as a ballast.

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