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Buy Madeira threads, Body Quills, Tinsels, Floss, Wire - Fly Tying Threads. 

Fly Shop has an unmatched selection of fly tying Thread, we will ship promptly with no sales tax and provide the quality materials you need. Fly Tying Threads, Flosses, Wires and Tinsels. Madeira, Danville, Uni,  Thread and More. Fast Secure, UK Delivery.

The Fly Shop Salmon 2000 is the official distributor of Madeira threads for tying flies. The leader in the world of fly fishing in manufacturing thread tying flies high quality. The Madeira thread is considered one of the best threads tying flies of the world: Madeira Rayon thread, Madeira thread Supertwist fluorescent Madeira thread, Madeira holographic thread. The mythical Rayon thread is unmatched in variety of pallet and is especially valued in the group of editors for the brightness and stability of its extensive color palette. The wires consist of two strands scratches previously distorted to form bodies of dry flies, nymphs and totally regular nonstop and imperfections. It is the best choice to replace and even improve the finishes offered historically natural silks. If you have any questions before making your online purchase, please contact us and advise you then send your wire to the address you specify.

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