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Fly Fishing Line Shotting Head Guideline Power Taper 4D Multi-Tip

Shotting Head Guideline Power Taper 4D Multi-Tip



The expected new season of Guideline is here and with it come the not least expected fishing news of the Norwegian firm Guideline.


Its already traditional line equipment for fly fishing now brings us the new lines Power Taper 4D Multi-Tip header header, adding the latest in advanced technology and updating the features where needed. For those demanding fishermen with the excellent results the 4D corps are based on a dual density configuration that is reflected in the float where transient density fluidity is used that improves performance and voltage, greatly exceeding the lines of a density. These 4D fly lines have a great conicity from 5.7 to 7.0 meters, for salmon rodents, it launches larger flies and makes it possible for larger distances.



There are 7 different weights to choose, from 20 grams, up to 39 grams (the Int / S3 bodies start at 23 grams / 360 grains). The 4D bodies are built on the Direct Contact soul, with a low stretch of 6%. The bodies of 20 and 23 grams have a core of 32 pounds and the heaviest of 42 pounds to fish large species with peace of mind. Each body has a color code in the sleeve of the frontal loop where they are joined with the tips to be identified. The loops are very resistant and manufactured with ecological materials.


 Lineas pesca mosca 4D




The 4D bodies and their 4D Guideline tips are sold separately so they can be assembled according to the objectives and tastes of each one.   These bodies work very well with the 15 "T" tips, but they excel with the new 4D dual-density tips, based on the performance and conicities of the Triple-D lines. The 4D tips come in both 15 and 18 feet long and in 4 different weights, from 9 to 14 grams. In total there are 7 different tips from double density flotation to sink5 / sink7 to choose from. 4D Tips The interchangeable Guideline 4D tips have been designed to fly together with the 4D Multi-Tip.   These tips have a phenomenal turning power and a quick sinking make your flies work perfectly. All sinking tips have double density to ensure a straight line of sinking. They have a super-resistant soul just like the bodies. In order to achieve the best performance of tips in the current market, we have developed its features from our original Triple-D. You have to choose between 7 different densities, 2 lengths and 4 different weights.   All tips have reinforced and strong loops at both ends with the specifications for easy identification. They also have a color code that facilitates their combination with 4D bodies.


Fly lines 4D


We hope this article is of interest to you and you can enjoy fly fishing by choosing the line, shotting head or rat tail for your predilection. In our online fly fishing store you can find a wide variety of fly fishing material specialized in recognized brands such as the Polarized Fishing of Costa del Mar, the Madeira thread or our precious Patagonia clothing. Good fishing!