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Forms international Payment

How can I pay in this online store?



1 - Pay Pal system.


2 - Bank Transfer.


3 - Pick up the local from Barcelona




1 - Pay Pal system.


Paypal enables any individual or business with an email address to securely, easily and quickly send and receive payments online. PayPal's service builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards and utilizes the world's most advanced proprietary fraud prevention systems to create a safe, global, real-time payment solution.

Cards of credit accepted VISA and MasterCard. We do not accept international or regional cards. If you wish also it can buy with the rapid system and insurance PAYPAL. Paypal is the global leader in payments on line and basically it is a system of sure payment in which the user opens an account in the system that later allows him to realize payments in multitude of shops on line about the world, using for it his card of credit or debit.

Paypal will be the only one that will have his bank information being an intermediary entity you and the shop. This form of payment is immediate, in the moment in which you realize the payment, we receive it happening to process his order (previous check of which the information is correct). If he needs a reason to use PayPal, this one is the safety. We offer him an additional level of safety in all his payments, since his financial information will never be revealed it will have to return to mess about in no web site on the number of his card. PayPal is the easy and sure way of buying in his favorite shops, sending money to relatives and friends and, even, to receive payments.

In addition, PayPal is optimized for mobile devices, so it is where it is, with his tablet or his intelligent telephone, it will be able to buy with the facility and safety of always in only a few clicks. To be given of discharge or to obtain more information visits, I surround Paypal's for Spain or Paypal's principal site (in English). These links are external and connect to pages with his own conditions of use and / or privacy.



2 - Bank transfer.


The payment will be realized by means of bank transfer. Once realized the payment, one will proceed to the sending of the order. This method has as purpose not store the bank information of every client (Numeration, Caducity and code CVV) in any database, and this way to prevent them from could to be used by another end. Only we store the reference of the purchase, of this form offer major privacy and safety to our clients.

The total of the order will subscribe in advance by means of transfer or I join Fly Shop Salmon 2000 account indicating the number of order and his name and surnames. This form of payment is the most economic, since it does not have any type of additional commission or supplement. In all that the transfer is verified one will proceed to the packing and sending of the order.

Remember that payments should be made in Euros and the customer will pay any currency exchange commission or bank commission if this method of payment is selected. For bank transfer payments made from countries other than Spain, it is important that any commission / fees applied by the bank of origin are paid by the customer.

Bank name: CaixaBank

Account number: ES81 2100 3020 6722 0053 2627

IBAN: ES81 2100 3020 6722 0053 2627



3 - Collect order at the Barcelona Store.

Collect order online at the Barcelona store on Petritxol Nº12 street. 

5 - PICK UP IN STORE. (Option for those people who prefer to reserve the orders already, and to later search for it through the physical store) 

To make this option you must make a normal order with paypal, credit or transfer and in the option "shipping address" write to the address of our store in Spain: Calle Petritxol Nº12 08002 in Barcelona.

The next step is to confirm the payment you have already made by phone to (+34) 93 207 69 22 or by contact form.

Once the payment has been made and confirmed, you can call to notify of the day of collection. (+34) 93 207 69 22 Barcelona, Calle Petritxol Nº12, 08002 Hours: Mon to Sat from 10am to 8pm. A family member, a friend of yours or you can pick up your purchase by the physical store in Barcelona, after identification.

The fishing material that is in stock is estimated to be delivered in a week. It is possible that if a product is sold out and not available in stock, it must be ordered from the supplier and the estimated time is 15 days of delivery. We would contact you to let you know. Any questions about sizes, colors or sizes you can contact.

NOTE: Do not show up at the store without first confirming the bank payment with the manager of our store. Thank you.