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What you need to know when choosing fishing Patagonia wader

Patagonia Río Gallegos Fishing Wader

In our online fly fishing shop we have the best wader in the world without doubt, the new and renewed Patagonia Rio Gallegos wader incorporates a lot of new features that fishermen require when wading as well as maintaining the classic properties that have made famous this wader in the international competition fishing like the struts mounted in the cntura or the ultra-lined boots. The new version of the wading machine Patagonia Rio Gallegos is the best option and they are the culmination of a great job to create what could be the best wader in the world. The first impressions of the fishermen who are already enjoying it are unbeatable in terms of resistance, flexion of legs, lightness, design and price.


El mejor vadeador

The color has also been updated to a light gray body with dark gray accents that extend down the legs to the middle of the back. Patagonia has included its mythical Fitz Roy iconic trout logo on the central front of the wader's chest. It is a small detail, but gives the breathable vadedor an extra level of attractiveness very attractive and is that we all like to boast of brand of prestige and quality. There are many brands of waders Hart, Scierra, Simms, Decathlon, Grauvell, Rapala ... But no point of comparison quality - price - prestige that carries the brand Patagonia worldwide. A wader that protects a person's body has to be of quality and the rest is wasting time and money.

This model is designed to bend, kneel and squat without a problem a factor in the design for the purpose of providing a little extra range of motion. Like the waddling former Uncle Gallegos the straps are mounted at the waist to be worn as waders with or without the belt. The Wadding Belt is a belt that spans entirely of high quality and adjusts to fit a wide range of waist sizes that features double-buckled loops at the back to hold the strap in place.

El mejor vadeador

One of the waders most valued by magazines and expert fishermen of fishing sector. The PATAGONIA RIO GALLEGOS wading machine is composed of an innovative membrane developed by PATAGONIA composed of a breathable polyester microfiber cloth with an H2NO Hydrostorm® barrier. This extraordinary garment features an innovative internal suspension system that allows easy conversion to waist waders. It also has several pockets, a waterproof inside to safely carry the mobile phone, the camera ... and another compartment with waterproof zipper on the outside with a coupling for easy access to tippets, forceps ... H2No® Polyester microfiber coating with a water-repellent, water-repellent NanoSphere® DWR water repellent barrier offering a very puncture-resistant fabric while remaining lightweight in relation to weight. - EZ-Lock straps at the waist allow easy conversion from the chest to waist height to facilitate agility without having to remove the fishing jacket; with a locking design on the front and back of the straps offering great safety for deep wading.

Elasticity offers all-day comfort. -The kangaroo front pocket fills a central pocket with a zipper in the chest that can serve as much to keep the hands warm as to allow housing and with a quick access, reels, tweezers, floatabilizers, etc ...

It has different pockets, one sealed inside to safely carry material or mobile phone and another compartment with waterproof zipper exterior with a coupling for easy access to tippets, forceps ... Includes a quick release belt with a precise easy adjustment.


 4 layers of technology patented and exclusive of Patagonia

The new Patagonia Río Gallegos wader is reinforced with layers of H2No® Performance Standard Shell. 4 layers on the top with 5.8 oz 100% high density polyester microfiber. 4 layers on the bottom, 9.1 oz 100% high density polyester microfiber. All this forms a waterproof / breathable and extra water repellent barrier (C6 DWR DWR). Patagonia has developed a composite of layers with superior fabric for the new waders Patagonia and increase the breathability, its resistance to the abrasion, to expel the humidity away of the body and above all to diminish the total weight of the wader making easy the professional and competitive wading. The fabrics of the outer breathable waders are densely woven with 100% polyester microfibers for durability and puncture resistance.

The booties are constructed entirely with waterproof fabric exclusive H2NO of 4 layers of technology patented and exclusive of Patagonia Store. The fabric has a nice feel not too stiff, but with enough consistency to inspire confidence in a river.

Boots are enhanced in this version with double seams on the Achilles heel to relieve pressure points and distribute wear, and a redesigned seam toe that is flatter and less noticeable. The fabric to be used has been dla of polyester mesh lining which is the same concept as wool, but polyester was formed to move and handle moisture more efficiently than merino and the poly net that is made use is of recycled screen. In addition, the neoprene used in booties is denser and more resistant to compression over time.

This wader breathable ford is absolutely full of features, some obvious and others that are less notable, but certainly favorable. Starting from the feet: an improved boot, sizing and materials, particularly a booty lined poly-grid, as mentioned above. The protective leggings only have elastic on the outside of the guard and the steel cord hook is hidden to avoid catching the line, great detail. The knee pads are removable, ergonomic and are a little comfort to take knee to earth to show a catch or pose for a grip. Also, if you do not like them, you do not have to use them, it's your personal choice. The wadding belt is elastic and wide enough that it is held in place by two loops at the back. These wading boots have what amounts to a chest booth with a lot of pockets and anchor points for anything you might want by hand. There is a hand pocket lined in warmer wool with an articulated cut and rounded corners that only feels good when you put your hands on it. The hand warmer is under the chest pocket with zipper so you can get a windproof cape above the fleece. There is a zippered breast pocket with a waterproof zipper that is large enough to accommodate a box of flies, fishing forceps, tippet fluorocarbon wires, snacks, or items that you might want in the water. The Fitz Roy trout logo is located in the center of the thoracic cavity. Inside the chest is a waterproof pocket designed to hold a cell phone, camera or anything else you want to keep handy and dry. Patagonia placed two elastic mesh pockets inside under the arms. This is the perfect place to store gloves. No more cramming a hat or the gloves in the boots have them slip down to your feet when you remove the waist belt. I am very impressed with the attention to detail and the value of these boots. For the market price is a wader that is worth or its cladidad taken to the end of the madness. That is why whenever you talk about the wading Rio Gallegos, it speaks of the best wader in the world.