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Madeira threads history  

Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira has always been committed to the production of flies for the fly tying and high quality embroidery. In 1975, Madeira threads began to change the German domestic market by the global market. Then, in 1987, subsidiaries were established around the world to streamline the distribution process. Today, Madeira has a presence in the United States, the UK, Spain, Japan and key markets in Asia. The international presence proves to be a great benefit for customers, since it offers complete inventories, proximity to markets, timely shipments, access to the latest products and raw materials, and design solutions designed to meet the needs of fishermen and consumers. of thread.


Philosophy Madeira threads

Our clients show us daily that embroidery allows us to create accessories that give the products a unique identity. As the first international producer of high quality yarns that are used for a wide range of applications from fashion to fly fishing, Madeira yarns focuses on establishing trends and establishing styles at all levels of the clothing and fishing products industries . By offering these industries threads that combine high quality, innovation and aesthetics, Madeira is proud to provide its customers with the tools necessary to exercise their inexhaustible creativity.



Madeira's own quality control staff uses state-of-the-art equipment to perform tests and inspections in all phases of production. These tests include inspection and testing of raw materials, extensive laboratory tests before and after dyeing, tests to determine the performance of the thread under all types of production conditions, controls to determine compliance with washing standards, as well as tests additional according to the DIN and ISO specifications. Madeira decided to comply with the strict production standards established by Oeko-Tex 100.



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Madeira threads that have the Oeko-Tex 100 certification make optimal use of natural resources and are produced without damaging the environment. Research and development In the field of high-end embroidery threads, product performance is a direct result of the materials used and the production technology used at the point of manufacture. The development of high quality embroidery threads starts with the best available raw materials and the most modern methods of dyeing. Madeira researchers understand that their goal is not only to provide yarn that is visually inspiring, but to provide embroiderers with a thread that is reliable and profitable. The product development in Madeira revolves around the realization that today's high-speed computer-controlled embroidery machines demand threads that allow trouble-free operation.

The internal tests with the main manufacturers of embroidery machines allow Madeira to produce embroidery threads that are suitable for an impeccable operation, even in difficult applications. Madeira offers a new and extensive collection of high quality materials in a format adapted to your needs, available to all fly riders. Each of the references has a full range of colors, selected according to the criteria and experience of hundreds of assemblers who over the last few years have relied on the exceptional quality of our products.


Madeira USA

One of the most important expansions of the Madeira thread has been its implementation in the United States with international presence, Madeira USA, world leader in the production of fine embroidery threads, with headquarters in Freiburg, Germany, maintains its headquarters in the United States in Laconia, New Hampshire. There are 13 customer service centers, from where shipments are made to local areas, located in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.


Madeira threads ans supplies products

Madeira Rayón thread Nº40 60 colors. The Rayón yarn is widely used as a substitute for the classic silks for its brightness and wide range of color catalogs. Madeira Rayón yarn consists of two strands that are previously distorted and that in the world of fishing serves to form bodies of dry flies, drowning and nymphs. It is the best option to replace and even improve the finishes that natural silks historically offered.

Madeira Polyneon thread for embroidery and decorative stitching is a thread with accreditation of eco-label of textile manufacturers and an extra security for the philosophy of environmental and ecological awareness of the responsible customers of today. Madeira Polyneon Fluor thread is perfect for making fly scarves. Extremely fine polyester thread for the assembly of jumpers.

Hillo Madeira burmilana is a special wool yarn, which is very suitable for chenille embroidery as for moss and knitting. This thread stands out for its characteristic 'handmade' resemblance. In the knitwear industry, also in the regional dress market, the embroidery made with Burmilana gives the garments a particular effect due to their 'wool-on-wool' appearance. In fishing the Burmilana is a double-ended wool with which soft and translucent bodies that absorb water are easily constructed. This material causes a multitude of air microbubbles to adhere to the assembly. Commonly used in the assembly of nymphs and emerging.

Supertwist is Madeira yarn with metallic effect, unique of its kind, with textures and colors deeply structured and amazing. Flashing reflections, metallic effects. The Supertwist causes under the water suggestive shines that simulate those that naturally emit the small larvae that inhabit the aquatic funds. Especially recommended for the assembly of nymphs of small size and as a jump. They will help you make brilliant projects and achieve more and more exclusive variations with amazing effects for high demands.

Madeira Metallic threads - Envelopes The Metallic Perlé is a synthetic and bright fly assembly material composed of a multitude of strands used for the assembly of medium and large nymphs, streamers and salmon flies.  

Madeira Spectra No. 40 thread 6 colors - Coils of 100m. The thread for Spectra fly assembly is a flat, holographic wire of great luminosity and presented in a format of 100 meters. It is a resource very used by the new riders of flies in any type of imitation. Stimulates the curiosity of the fish causing aggressive and unpredictable reactions.



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Madeira, specialist in ecologic embroidery and fly fishing threads

For almost 100 years, Madeira has set the world standard for the manufacture and distribution of yarns within an ethical and ecological environment. Adhering from the beginning to the principles of Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Madeira maintains its position of "choosing market leaders" assuming a position of responsibility and responsibility ... At the production level ... Raw materials are bought only from accredited sources Sources for raw products must have ISO and / or Oeko-Tex certificates The drying process reduces water consumption by 60% with the acquaZero® process The water used is purified and returned to the environment To reduce emissions, natural gas is used for energy Heat is recycled from other processes for the wire drying system For 4 years, Madeira reduced energy consumption by 40% Code of ethical conduct for employees of Everyone The employees are guaranteed high standards of health and safety The minimum age requirements for employees are strictly enforced Madeira exercises social responsibility to Through contributions Financial contributions are made to Unicef, World Wildlife Fund and local causes.


Classic rayon originates from sustainable resources Pine wood pulp, plants and sustainable cotton waste are used The threads are certified by Oeko-tex® as free from all harmful substances The smooth and durable carrying capacity ensures the production of savings of Energy Classic Rayon complies with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Madeira Classic Rayon is the only embroidery thread that meets GOTS Classic Rayon is biodegradable At the distribution level ... The one-stop shop reduces the number of individual deliveries Less trucks cast emit less carbon emissions in the air Recycling is practiced in 13 locations across the US UU Power consumption is closely monitored in all 13 locations Beware of fakes!


What does the word "falsification" say? There is a large number of counterfeits around the world, as well as a fake branded textile industry that moves several million, not to say billions of dollars a year. In the United Kingdom, for example, fake soccer jerseys worth more than 50 MILLION POUNDS have already been sold. "Unofficial - that is, false - shirts can contain many hidden risks for the buyer and the user and can mean a death sentence for the manufacturer," according to an article written by John Gibbon of Corporate Clothing director-e.

After an interview with Asif Shah of Shirley Technologies, one of the leading textile analysis laboratories in the United Kingdom, John Gibbon reported that the pH value of authentic T-shirts is analyzed to determine how irritating the material they are with is made and also checked if it contains allergenic or even carcinogenic dyes. Workers in illegal garages are often exposed to a deadly chemical cocktail, day after day, as dangerous and low-quality substances and processes are used in these factories. An illegal or low-priced shirt, therefore, not only represents an economic loss for the holder of the legal license, but also endangers the health and even the life of the people.

Therefore, MADEIRA offers guarantees that ALL AND EVERY one of its products have always been and always will be absolutely safe for use in any item, from the factory to the finished product, even for baby clothes. And that is also why you must choose MADEIRA, which has the highest level OEKO-TEX Class I certificate, among others, and thus play a fundamental role in the conscious management of resources. Energy saving • Energy recycling • Energy consumption • Sustainability • Aspects related to ecology • Oeko Tex Standard 100 Certification Product-related certifications REACH procedures • Social responsibility Environmental responsibility • Code of conduct Certification related to the company MADEIRA - Management of Resources Through the media, we are all aware of our responsibility to the environment and the legacy of our actions, or the lack of them.


The beautiful and exclusive yarns of MADEIRA combine quality, style and color while meeting all environmental and ethical needs. After almost a century of experience in the production of embroidery threads of the highest quality, modern and varied, we can proudly say that the threads of MADEIRA are the choice of the leading brands all over the world. Applied to items as wide and varied as shoes or hats, toys or towels and used in a wide variety of industries, from fashion and sportswear to automotive, it is essential to select the best raw materials for our yarns from the beginning. REACH and MADEIRA EnviroSystem REACH = Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Products. Even before the introduction of the REACH regulation, MADEIRA adopted the philosophy of using only substances that are neither harmful nor dangerous to people or to our valuable ecosystem. For the finishing of the yarns of MADEIRA, the APO / APE (Alkyl Phenol Oethoxylates / Ethoxylates) softeners found in some yarns are not used. This means that, following the recommendations of the suppliers, MADEIRA dyes are not toxic for workers, the environment or the end user; that is, neither before, nor during, nor after production.

Created from sensitive production processes in the heart of the Black Forest region, where there is a great environmental awareness, the EnviroSystem of MADEIRA shows a long-term and unmatched commitment to the global impact of environmental issues. MADEIRA EnviroSystem • Made in the "green" European city of Freiburg (Germany) • Production processes ISO 9001-2008 • Raw materials only from reputable sources • Classic biodegradable viscous rayon from sustainable sources • Dyes and chemical products only from registered REACH suppliers • Acquazero patented processes to reduce the use of water during dyeing by 60% • Use of recycled water for production • Recycling and conservation of energy • Reduction of carbon emissions • Continuous investment in technology to reduce the use of natural resources • Clean output water, in strict compliance with city regulations Freiburg (Germany) • Strict codes of conduct towards employees • Strong ethical policies • OEKO-Tex global certificate for products • Maximum quality in solidity and tenacity of colors, which allows to obtain long-lasting embroidery