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Simple Hand

Shop Fly Shop Salmon 2000's wide selection of fly rods. Featuring name brand fly-fishing rods, crafted from premium materials for outstanding reliability and durability. Shop fly rods in our fly fising shop and browse our large selection of exclusive fly rods, fly rod combos and fly fishing outfits to find the perfect setup for any species or river. Fly fishing equipment - fly-fishing tackle, fly fishing rods. Simple Hand fly fishing rods. Simple Hand fly fishing rods.  There as many opinions about fly-rods as there are fly fishermen. Simple hand fly fishing rods. Selecting a single-handed fly rod isn't easy, there's a lot of choice at varying prices! This fishing Single-Handed Rod Buying Guide ... In simple terms, modern rods are constructed from carbon fibres held in place by resin, formed by wrapping carbon cloth around a mandrel applying the resin then baking the lot in an oven.