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Favo Guideline Fly Reel Review

The reel drag system is smooth, precise and based on a proven trawl system.

The Favo Guideline fly reel has been manufactured in the style of the Fario and Vosso reels, which have had great success among competition fly fishermen. The ultimate goal is to give each reel its own characteristics so that they adapt better to its purpose of use and to match perfectly with the appropriate rods.
Carrete Favo Guideline

Its industrial development with a unique design of fly reel has been using die casting, high precision and finishing them with CNC before coating them with the finish and final details. Normal maintenance is required when using these reels in salt water. Remember to wash well with fresh water after each use. In our store we sell 3 models of Favo Guideline reel that will fit in reeds from # 4 to 10/11.

Carrete Favo Guideline y trucha

The Favo 79 and 810 reel models have an edge flap to stabilize the frame and prevent thin lines from being caught between the frame and the reel. The Favo 810 Guideline reel also features an additional X-truss support and has a double 5-spoke pattern on the reel and frame. The recovery direction on the reels is easy to modify and ultra fast.

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